Special Needs FamilyMarch 24, 2023by Finex & CoEstate Planning: Considerations for Parents of Special Needs Children

Estate planning for special needs children in Malaysia is a process that involves making arrangements to protect the financial future of a child who has special needs. It includes planning for the distribution of assets, appointing a guardian, and setting up a trust to manage the child’s inheritance. In Malaysia, a child with special needs can inherit property from their parents in the same way as any other child. The inheritance will be distributed according to the laws of inheritance under the Distribution Act 1958. However, if the child with special needs has a disability that affects their ability to manage the inherited property, special considerations may need to be made.

Appoint a Guardian

One of the most important considerations in estate planning for special needs children is to appoint a guardian to care for the child after the parents have passed away. The guardian should be someone who is capable of providing the necessary care and support for the child, and who is willing to take on this responsibility.

Review and Update

In addition, parents should ensure that their estate plan is up-to-date and that it reflects their current wishes and circumstances. This may involve reviewing and updating beneficiary designations, creating a will or trust, and considering the use of life insurance to provide additional financial support for the child.

Overall, estate planning for special needs children in Malaysia is a complex process that requires careful consideration and the guidance of legal and financial professionals. By taking the time to plan ahead, parents can ensure that their child’s financial future is secure and that they receive the care and support they need throughout their lifetime.

It is important to consult with estate planning and financial professionals to determine the best course of action for your particular situation in Malaysia.

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