WillApril 28, 2023by Finex & CoCan my Will last for a lifetime? Do I need to rewrite it?

In Malaysia, there is no specific time limit for how long a Will can last.

As long as the Will is properly executed according to the Wills Act 1959 and the testator has not revoked or replaced it with a new Will, the Will remains valid and can be used to distribute the testator’s assets upon their death.

However, it is important to note that a will can be challenged and declared invalid by the court if it is found to have been made under duress or undue influence, or if the testator lacked the mental capacity to make the will at the time it was executed.

It is recommended that individuals review their Will periodically to ensure that it still reflects their wishes and to make any necessary updates or changes. It’s also advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified legal professional in Malaysia to ensure that the Will is properly executed and valid.

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