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Navigating the Roles of Executor and Administrator in Malaysia: Key Responsibilities and Differences

In Malaysia, both executor and administrator play an important role in the administration of a deceased person’s estate. While the roles of executor and administrator in Malaysia may seem similar, they have significant differences that individuals should be aware of. It is important to understand these differences to ensure that the estate is administrated correctly...

Arrangement for Pets in the event of death

When we pass away, have we considered what will happen to the pets we adore? Do we have any plans for their care or how they will manage to survive without us? It’s essential to prepare for any unexpected events that may occur and ensure that our pets are taken care of. We must take...


你会不会刷着Facebook看着新闻 – “死者放工回家喊累,半夜猝死”、“男子吃饭到一半突然倒地不起,猝死在餐厅”、“死者晨跑时昏迷倒地,抢救无效” 等等时,突然想起家中的父母与妻小,万一有一天报导里的当事人是自己,怎么办?


遗嘱执行人是将死者的资产分配给受益人的人。以下是遗嘱执行人的 10 项主要职责: 1. 将死者的死讯通知相关机构 死者一过世,遗嘱执行人要做的第一件事就是通知所有相关机构。 执行人必须通知税务局、死者使用的所有银行等等。 执行人必须出示相关件,例如死亡证明以及其他证明文件...

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