WillJune 30, 2023by Finex & CoConversion of a Father to Islam: Implications for Child’s Inheritance in Malaysia

When a parent undergoes a religious conversion, it can have significant legal and cultural implications for the entire family. In Malaysia, the conversion of a father from non-Muslim to Muslim can have implications for the child’s inheritance rights. This article explores the effects of a father’s conversion to Islam on a child’s inheritance in Malaysia, highlighting the legal framework and key considerations.

  1. Application of Islamic Law

In Malaysia, the distribution of assets and inheritance is governed by different laws depending on an individual’s religious affiliation. For Muslims, the principles of Islamic law, also known as Shariah law, are applied. Non-Muslims in Peninsular Malaysia & Sarawak, on the other hand, are subject to Distribution Act 1958.

  1. Conversion to Islam and Inheritance Rights

When a father converts from a non-Muslim faith to Islam, it can impact the child’s inheritance rights. Under Islamic law, the child is considered a Muslim by virtue of the father’s conversion. As a result, the child’s inheritance rights are determined by Islamic rules of succession known as Faraid, which prescribe specific shares for various family members.

  1. Faraid and Inheritance Shares

Under Faraid, the distribution of inheritance follows predetermined shares based on the relationship between the deceased and the heirs. The shares are allocated to specific individuals, such as parents, spouses, children, and siblings, in accordance with Islamic legal principles. The conversion of the father to Islam may alter the child’s inheritance share, as they become eligible to receive a portion as prescribed by Islamic law.

  1. Legal Implications and Challenges

The conversion of a father to Islam and its impact on a child’s inheritance can lead to legal complexities and potential challenges. It may raise questions regarding the validity of previously executed wills or estate planning documents that were based on non-Islamic laws. The child’s inheritance rights may be affected even if the non-Muslim parent had made specific provisions in a will prior to the father’s conversion.


The conversion of a father from a non-Muslim to Islam can have implications for a child’s inheritance rights in Malaysia. With Islamic law governing inheritance for Muslims, the child’s status as a Muslim is determined by the father’s conversion. This affects the child’s entitlement to inheritance shares based on the principles of Faraid. Understanding the legal framework and seeking professional legal advice is crucial to navigate the complexities and ensure the child’s inheritance rights are respected in accordance with the applicable laws and religious practices.

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