WillJune 17, 2024by Kai Xin YeohCan I include my future children as Beneficiaries in my Will?

Creating a Will is an essential step in securing the future of your loved ones and ensuring that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. However, some people may wonder if they can include their future children (i.e. those yet-to-be-born) in their Will.


The role of Testamentary Trust

Before we delve into whether you can include your future children in your Will, it is important to understand the concept of a Testamentary Trust for your minor children. A Testamentary Trust is an excellent tool for managing and protecting the inheritance of
minor children. By setting up such a trust, you can ensure that your assets are managed responsibly until your children reach adulthood.

By setting up a trust, all your children can benefit, and you can also specify the terms under which the assets are managed and distributed. For instance, the trust can stipulate that assets are used for education, medical and other essential needs until your children reach a certain age.

To learn more about the benefits and setup process of a Testamentary Trust, read our detailed article here: Why do you need to setup a Testamentary Trust for you minor children?


Can you include your future children in your will?

The answer is yes. You can include your future children who are not yet born as beneficiaries in your Will. This is particularly important for young couples planning to expand their families. By doing so, you ensure that all your children are covered under your Will, preventing the need for revisions each time your family grows.

One common method is to include a clause that covers all your children as beneficiaries equally. This ensures that each child, whether born now or in the future, receives an equal share of your assets. This approach simplifies the process and provides a blanket of security for your growing family.

Although it is possible to include a general clause covering all your children, it is not recommended to omit listing them out individually in your Will. As your family dynamics and circumstances change, it is crucial to revisit and revise your Will every few years. This ensures that the document accurately reflects your wishes and addresses any new considerations that may arise. Regular updates to your Will provide clarity and prevent potential ambiguities or disputes among beneficiaries, ensuring that each child’s specific needs and interest are appropriately accounted for.


Why should you include future children in your Will?

Comprehensive coverage: Including future children in your estate planning ensures that all your offspring are considered, eliminating the need for frequent updates.

Equitable Distribution: Planning for future children guarantees that your estate is distributed fairly among all your children, minimizing the risk of disputes.

Peace of Mind: Ensuring that all your children, whether born or yet to born, are taken care of provides peace of mind for you and your family.


Planning your estate to include future children is a forward-thinking approach that ensures the well-being of your entire family. By incorporating specific clauses in your Will and considering a Testamentary Trust, you can provide comprehensive protection and financial security for your children, no matter when they arrive.


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