Charitable DonationJune 4, 2024by William WongCan you include charitable donation in your Will?

Emily Tan, a retired teacher from Kuala Lumpur, has always been passionate about education and humanitarian work. As she plans her estate, she wants to ensure that her values and passions are reflected in her legacy. Emily decides to include charitable donations in her Will.


Through Will

Emily identifies World Vision Malaysia, a charity that works to improve the lives of children and communities in need, as the beneficiary. After consulting with her estate planner, Emily specifies that 20% of her estate will be donated to World Vision Malaysia.

Emily’s Will includes detailed instructions, specifying World Vision Malaysia’s full legal name, address, and her wish for the funds to be used to support educational programs for underprivileged children.

By including these charitable donations in her Will, Emily finds peace of mind knowing that her assets will contribute to a cause she cares deeply about, even after her passing.


Through Testamentary Trust

Alternatively, Emily can consider another way to support World Vision Malaysia through a testamentary trust. She discusses this with her estate planner and decides to include a provision in her Will that establishes a testamentary trust upon her death.

Emily directs the trustee of this trust to donate RM10,000 annually to World Vision Malaysia. This structured approach allows Emily to provide ongoing support to the charity, ensuring a steady stream of funding for their programs over many years.

The provision in her Will specifies that the trustee must ensure the annual donation is made each year and provides clear instructions on how the funds should be transferred to World Vision Malaysia. By setting up this trust, Emily can make a lasting impact and provide sustained support to the causes she cares about.


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Emily Tan,一位来自吉隆坡的退休教师,一直以来都热衷于教育和人道主义工作。在规划她的资产时,她希望确保她的价值观和热情能够在她的遗产中得到体现。Emily决定在她的遗嘱中包括慈善捐款。