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Understanding Child Custody: What Courts Consider

Divorce can be complicated, especially when it comes to deciding who gets custody of the children. Laws like the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 and the Guardianship of Infant Act 1961 lay out the legal framework for resolving child custody matters. But beyond just splitting responsibilities between parents, the focus is on what’s...

Navigating the Allocation and Disbursement of Insurance Policy Funds in Malaysia Upon the Demise of the Insured

In Malaysia, assets held within insurance policies are expressly exempted from the estate of the deceased individual. This provision is designed to protect the entitlements of the insured’s spouse and children with respect to the insurance proceeds, thereby mitigating any prospective claims from the creditors of the deceased. The legal foundation for this exclusion is...

Understanding Trustee Liability to Beneficiaries in Malaysia

Trustees play a pivotal role in the administration of trusts, holding a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. However, there are circumstances in which a trustee may be held liable to the beneficiaries. The Trustee Act of 1949 delineates the powers, duties, and responsibilities of trustees, providing the foundation upon...

Avoiding Partial Intestacy In Malaysia

The probate or administration process in Malaysia is the legal avenue through which the estates of deceased individuals are distributed according to their wishes or in accordance with the law. If a deceased person has not provided instructions for some of their assets and properties, the distribution of such assets or properties will follow the...

The Importance of Having Will Custody

In the realm of estate planning, the drafting and safekeeping of a Will are critical aspects that demand careful consideration. A Will serves as a legal document that outlines a testator’s wishes regarding the distribution of their assets after their demise. One often-overlooked aspect of this process is the custody of the Will, which carries...

A Comprehensive Guide to Executor Duties in Malaysia

The role of an executor is of paramount importance in ensuring the smooth administration and distribution of a testator individual’s estate. In Malaysia, the role of an executor is crucial in ensuring the smooth transition of assets according to the wishes of the testator. Therefore, the primary responsibility of an executor is to guarantee the...

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