WillApril 14, 2023by Finex & CoWhere should you keep your Will?

It’s important to keep your Will in a safe and accessible place so that it can be easily found and executed when the time comes. Here are a few options for where to keep your Will:

  1. With your lawyer / estate planner: If you worked with a lawyer or estate planner to create your Will, they may offer to keep a copy of it in their office. This ensures that the Will is kept in a secure location and can be easily accessed when needed.
  2. At home in a fireproof safe: If you prefer to keep your Will at home, consider storing it in a fireproof safe. This will help protect it from damage in case of a fire or other natural disaster.
  3. With a trusted family member / friend / executor: You can also choose to give a copy of your Will to a trusted family member / friend / your executor. Make sure they know where the Will is located and that they have access to it when needed.

Tips: You may store copies of your Will in your safe deposit box for backup but never keep your original Will in a safe deposit box at a bank or financial institution especially when you’re the sole owner of the safe deposit box. It is because after your death, the bank will seal the safe deposit box until an executor can prove he or she has the legal right to access it.

No matter where you decide to keep your Will, it’s important to let someone you trust know where it is located so that it can be easily found when the time comes.

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