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Understanding Child Custody: What Courts Consider

Divorce can be complicated, especially when it comes to deciding who gets custody of the children. Laws like the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 and the Guardianship of Infant Act 1961 lay out the legal framework for resolving child custody matters. But beyond just splitting responsibilities between parents, the focus is on what’s...

Understanding Guardianship in Malaysia: The Rights & Responsibilities in Managing Children’s Property.

Guardianship is a legal concept that plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare and protection of minor and individual who are unable to manage their own affairs in Malaysia. Guardianship is governed under Guardianship of Infants Act 1961 which highlights the rights and responsibilities of guardians in Malaysia. In this article, we will delve...

Why do parents need to appoint guardians for their children?

A guardian is an individual who assumes legal and personal responsibilities for another person, often a minor (someone below the legal age), someone with disabilities, or an elderly individual who cannot make decisions independently. Guardianship is especially common for minors, where a guardian is appointed to ensure their well-being and welfare. Under Section 3 of...

Balancing Roles: The Power of Executor vs Guardian

When it comes to estate planning, two critical roles that often come into play are the executor of a Will and the guardian of minor children. While both positions carry significant responsibilities, their powers and duties differ considerably. In Malaysia, understanding the distinctions between these roles is essential for ensuring the smooth administration of estates...

What is a Guardian?

What is a Guardian? In Malaysia, a guardianship is a legal arrangement in which an individual is appointed to take care of and make decisions for a minor or a person who is unable to manage their own affairs due to mental or physical incapacity. The person who is appointed as the guardian is responsible...

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