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This blog is to help you gain more knowledge about estate planning and all-you-should-know when having your estate planned.
Can your Will include your mistress or sugar baby?

It is not a common thing to include your mistress in your Will especially in Malaysia. However, it’s undeniable that some individuals engage in extramarital relationships. It must be noted that in Malaysia, these third parties such as mistresses or concubines or sugar baby dont have legal rights to your assets. Those rights belongs to...

The Resealing of Malaysian Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration

These days, with the ever growing market and career opportunities, it is especially common for Malaysian citizens to pass away with assets in both Malaysia and Singapore, and possibly in other countries as well. Typically, the personal representatives of the deceased Malaysian citizen consult a Malaysian lawyer to obtain the Grant of Probate or the...

Balancing Roles: The Power of Executor vs Guardian

When it comes to estate planning, two critical roles that often come into play are the executor of a Will and the guardian of minor children. While both positions carry significant responsibilities, their powers and duties differ considerably. In Malaysia, understanding the distinctions between these roles is essential for ensuring the smooth administration of estates...

Is our Personal Data Protected?

Over the past decade, technology has advanced rapidly, and the widespread use of the internet has granted people access to a wide range of information, including personal data of others. The internet is no longer limited to connecting people and conducting research; it has transformed into a platform where individuals can store information and promote...

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